Home Depot is a Spooky Place!

While at Home Depot this afternoon a very peculiar thing happened. I ran across two stacks of windows bundled together, wrapped up tight in plastic, and written upon - presumably someone's order for their own home improvement project. Alright, so none of that is odd or spooky in the least, but was was/is both odd and a bit spooky is the name on the bundled windows:

Ladies and gentlemen, that is the exact spelling of my mother's relatively unique middle name. No, it's not Roseanne/a - my mother's middle name is actually Rossana - something my grandmother got, supposedly, from some 1950's movie about Italian ballerinas (my mother's sister's middle name is Gabriella - from the  same movie). I have seen/heard the name before (mostly in Spanish or Italian speaking contexts .. and always pronounced completely differently than my mother's Anglicized version), but it was REALLY weird to find it staring me in the face today in the middle of Home Depot. My only possible explanation is that it's the last name of someone around here who ordered up a whole passel of windows :)


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough "Rossanna" was the name of my grandfather's younger sister. She was born on 26 Mar 1871 and appears to have died in childhood.


LuluBunny said...

OK - that is a REALLY strange coincidence! REALLY! I'm hearing the distant strains of the Twilight Zone music ;)

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