Done until Spring! :)

Yesterday we got the bulbs in place - all 5 gazillion of them (ok it was actually more in the neighborhood of 250-300). And in the end, we still couldn't cover the entire area we were planning on covering originally!

Before Bulbs (and wildflower seeds):

After Bulbs (and wildflower seeds):

I also thought I'd include a pic of the fruit trees (there's no point in showing you the other landscaping - it's too small to photograph well). Please ignore the jumble of crap on the patio (it's still being used as a staging area).

In the right foreground is our established cherry tree, the middle one in that row on the right is the Elberta Peach, then the Royal Apricot is the one closest to the house. On the left, it starts with the Rome Red Beauty Apple, then the Granny Smith Apple in the middle, and the Bartlett Pear closest to the house. The roundish green mass in the middle of the shot is an old, overgrown and neglected flower planting bed that is going to be moved (one of these days):

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