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Well, the guys eventually came back to work - fixed the door that they put in wrong the first time (though for reasons known ONLY to them they took the ENTIRE wall apart to do it - which took ALL DAY - when all they had to do was take the door itself out and flip it around), got the wiring in place in the addition, and the painter has ALMOST everything done (photos will be available soon). So far, the place is looking so spiff, we've gotten compliments from two of our neighbors and a complete stranger walking his dog, lol :)

We expected the crew to return today, but Creeg called this morning to explain that they were going to wait to come back to install the drywall until after their wiring job gets inspected by the electrician. At this point, I feel like it's a good idea to get it looked at by a pro - though it looks right to us. They may be back tomorrow, or maybe not until Wednesday - though there are plenty of odds and ends for them to do since they seem to leave one little snippet of each job undone (don't ask me why!). We are still missing a piece of trim on the porch roof above the stairs, and a facing board on the porch floor (where it meets the stairs), both of which need to get painted once installed, and there's still a little corner of the under porch lattice work they haven't installed (for no apparent reason since there's a much taller and easier to use hinged access panel right next to it).

So, with the day "off'" from our new BFF's we got the ball rolling on a couple other things :)

Yesterday we'd gone into Clarksburg so I could sign up for a knitting/crocheting class at AC Moore, and to pick-up a new door at Lowes. We walked ALL OVER Lowes, then ALL OVER Home Depot, and came home sans door - unsure if we were even going to get one.

But today we went into Clarksburg to go to the DMV so I can finally get all legal here in WV. It wasn't a big deal while I didn't have a car (I flatly refused to drive my dad's Trooper, and I am even more intimidated by this jacked-up to Jesus behemoth of a truck he's got now - just climbing into it should win me some sort of mountaineering award), and there still isn't any insurance on my car so I'm not going anywhere in that either, for now (and my dad sorta ran my car into a curb and blew one of the tires out a few weeks back so it's sitting out front with one bicycle grade tire on it - mocking me). And it's not that the insurance and tire situations can't be rectified easily, it's just that they haven't been yet - it's another of 500 things we need to get done that keep getting shoved back further each day as we babysit the workmen and wait to get our days back to ourselves again.

But today was my chance - and I was prepared! I had EVERYTHING I needed - birth cert., SS Card, Voter Registration Card, Utility bill in my name - I was even prepared to stand on my head 'till my ears turned red, and/or rub my tummy and pat my head will singing the Star Spangled Banner. Whatever hoop they held up I was ready to jump through. My paperwork was reviewed by no fewer than 3 people, and I was all ready to go with the paying and photo-taking phase, but the photo system ... was down! WV is tres hip (especially as compared to CA), you go through the whole rigmarole, pay your fees - then you march over and get your picture taken, wait all of 5 minutes, and then walk out the door with your brand spanking new card IN HAND. Well, this fabulous technological feature was non-functional - Statewide - apparently all day.

I was encouraged by the nice lady who was supposed to process me into the photo-taking phase to go get lunch, chill (ok, she didn't really use that word), and come back later to see if it was back up. My dad and I decided to go over to Home Depot. We ended up buying a new door, two new storm doors, a couple fake stained glass window-film thingys, a couple recessed lights for the laundry closet, etc., etc. We also managed to pick out our flooring for the breakfast nook/laundry addition, the kitchen, the dinning room, and the entry and hallway. This on top of settling on the kitchen counter top after bringing home samples yesterday. Yipee - progress! :)

So, a couple hours later we went back to the DMV, I went in and was informed the system was still down and was 'probably not gonna come back up today'. UGH! So, I'm in some kinda weird limbo, and I'll try again when I can.


La Yen said...

I love when you have days when tons of things get done.

When we bought this house they told us that those window things would void our window warranty. I can't remember why, other than they would break the windows somehow. So you might look into that before you install them. (If they are super old windows I guess it doesn't matter, anyways...)

LuluBunny said...

Thanks for the heads up about the windows, but I don't think it'll be a problem in this case. The film is actually for two doors that have glass in the upper half. They're really serious steel doors so I don't think they'll get warped or anything weird from just adding the film to them. Plus we did it on the same kinda door in WA and nothing bad happened.

We also have another film for our upstairs bathroom window - but it's an old aluminum window (all the aluminum ones will be replaced with something else (fingers crossed for wood) in Spring - and the current wood ones will be restored), so I'm SURE there's no warranty to worry about on that window - if there ever was it probably ran out before I was born, LOL ;)

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