on the fence - the end (for now)

The posts still need to be evened out and we have to settle on the post caps - but .... it's officially done (until we can paint it next spring)!

From the front:

Inside the front gate:

Down the side (complete with dogs - Cali and Scooter down in the corner, Princess walking towards me):

Northeast Corner:
Southeast Corner (back gate) facing driveway:

While taking these pics on Saturday morning (the fence was finished too late in the evening on Friday to get any photos) we had some visitors (Our house is the third row of houses up from the river (it goes: river, line of houses, street, line of houses, alley, our line of houses), so ducks and geese are a fixture in our neighborhood.):

They thought I was interesting (or perhaps it was whatever little grubs they were finding in the grass) UNTIL the dogs started to bark at the incessant quacking. The ducks promptly hung a right across the alley:

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