on the fence #4

Almost There! :)

It really should be done tomorrow - except for the painting which apparently has to wait until next spring ... something about pressure treated wood and the paint sloughing right off otherwise.

Hopefully, the house painting can start ... next week(?). It's been cold-ish, drizzly, and definitely Autumnal of late .. it'd be nice to get the place painted sooner rather than later.


b. said...

So I've been watching the progress...and it is really turning out NICE!!!

How fun for you!

b. said...

you can sunbathe naked now, right?

LuluBunny said...

Thanks - actually it's my dad's design so he deserves all the credit for it looking so nice.

And how on earth did you ever guess the REAL reason for the fence? ... I thought I had everyone fooled! Damn - I guess the jig is up, LOL ;)

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