getting worse before it gets better

No, not the economy - though it could apply to that too, I guess ...... no, I mean the house. 

We're going to add a laundry room to what will be the back of the house - off the kitchen - so we can turn the current laundry location into a half bath off the entry way of the front door. Anyway, to do that we're having to rip out the old warped porch and install completely new planks before adding on the room.

Today, pausing in the pressure washing pre-painting task they worked on all yesterday, "Creeg" and crew started the demo portion. Tomorrow a separate guy (subcontracted by "Creeg") is due to show up and start scraping and painting, while the usual suspects work more on the porch. Supposedly they'll bring the new lumber up with them tomorrow and start to reinstall what they ripped out today, and then (I'm assuming next week) they'll start on the other half of the porch and building the laundry room.Anyway ... we'll see how it goes from day to day (they don't always show when you expect them to). But for now .. this is what our porch (and our previously lovely dog yard) look like - YIPES:

View of where the porch used to be:

What used to be the porch in a heap in the yard:

View from the Living Room Door into the yard:

BTW, my dad pointed out to me that the joists that were/are under the porch are SO OLD that they aren't a standard modern-sawmill-issued size! They look like they might actually be about 3 inches wide on the measurement that would normally be 2 (e.g. 2x4 or 2x6), and that none of the support structure rested on concrete, but rather on huge rocks! It's fascinating - the things you find.

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