exhausted .... but pleased

It's been a LONG and tiring day (and tomorrow will be another) - we have to get the room that will be the kitchen totally prepared for workmen's access by Monday (and it's loaded with boxes that didn't get opened yet and a few pieces of furniture that are currently lacking any more appropriate home .. btw, any suggestions for how to move an antique armoire that may well disintegrate if you so much as exhale on it?) - but despite that, I did manage to get my cake baked for Monday's class (though I still have to frost the thing .. tomorrow?). 

Today "Creeg", et al., installed our new half porch (pix below), and the house is about halfway done on the 'scraped and primed' front (it already looks 10,000 times better)! I tried to take a pic of the priming job - but it didn't come out very well (the sun was setting and the camera-phone had a hard time compensating for the differences in light and dark), but I'll include it anyway (though I will hold off on the REAL b4 and afters until it's really painted).

New porch in place:

View of new porch from liv. rm.:

Primed and ready to go:

Monday, the painter is due to come back, and "Creeg" and his crew are due to come back too (and possibly an electrician too). They installed the new half of the porch today and ripped out the remaining old half along the back side of the house ... Mon. they'll install the plywood subfloor on that other half, and then start constructing what was originally just a laundry room addition off the new kitchen, but will now be extended to be more of a laundry closet and a big breakfast nook (what was going to take up half of that section of the porch, is now going to take up that whole side). It was actually my dad's idea to expand the addition - but I'm totally for it (despite originally balking at the idea of changing my kitchen plan yet again) - the major highlight of the upgrade (and the reworking of the kitchen plan) is that we'll be able to put a bay window in the breakfast nook to house lovely things I want to grow like herbs and orchids, which I will be able to look at every time I look up from the kitchen sink.

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