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A cold front has moved in and there's even the chance of our first snow flurries, so the workmen will not be back for a few days (YAY!), but here's what they accomplished today:

It used to be the "garage" portion of our basement, not that you could really put a car in it (ok, technically I suppose you could have, but it's not something we ever did). 

Our basement was a crazy sort of set up with wonky stairs that have a sort of hanging platform in the middle so that there is room below that platform for the front end of a car. It also had a set of old-fashioned double swing-out garage doors. We never park in the 'garage'/basement, so we decided that the stairs are going to be replaced with regulation steps to make trips up and down them easier. Replacing the stairs would make it impossible to ever park a car in there, so obviously the garage doors would become obsolete. We toyed with the idea of ripping them out and replacing them with many different options, but it wasn't a high priority. That is, until the electrician came over!

The electrician is going to upgrade our household amperage, installing a new breaker box, etc., and then attach up the new wiring from the laundry room addition. But to do all that, he's got to move the box from where it is, since it is currently situated above the sink in our basement (I kid you not) and the 'new' code states that it must be at least 3 feet from water (imagine that! LOL). My dad suggested that we could put a wall in place of the garage doors if that would solve the problem. The electrician agreed it would (that the new box can fit on the wall between the door and the window), so Creeg and Co. put the above wall up today.

Personally, I find it aesthetically offensive. Which is no one's fault really ... it just looks funny because it's so short - it's a hair less than 6 feet high). But I'm hoping I'll like it better when it gets painted and isn't sticking out like a big white sore thumb. At the very least I won't see it much after we build the deck above that area next Spring (French doors will replace the window in the future dinning room (the area directly above the former garage) and a nice little deck will be built).

Oh, but get this .... they put the door in COMPLETELY backwards! They have it opening OUT instead of in (so the hinges are exposed and anyone who wanted to break in could pop them out - not that we live in a high crime area (just between us, we don't even lock our doors around here) but still, who puts a door in like that?). And, because that wasn't quite messed up enough - they also put it up so that it opens with a right to left sweep instead of left to right - this is going to be highly annoying considering that it butts up against the wall on the right. Basically, they're gonna have to pull the door out and flip it around so it's correct because it's pretty much non-functional as is. 

I don't know if it's a battle of accents and something being lost in translation, or if they really just don't give a damn - but they seem to have a REALLY hard time getting simple things right.  Like for the placement of the electrical outlets in the addition, my father must have told them 50 times where he wanted each of them to be, but half of them were totally wrong! Creeg also insisted we didn't really need shut-off valves for the washer plumbing he was installing (my dad put his foot down about that), and today Creeg said we 'didn't need' the deadbolt that came with the hardware set for the basement door, so he didn't put it in. Which makes me think it's less about accents or intelligence, and more about LAZINESS! 

I also suspect we're going to have issues with keeping the plumbing for the washer properly insulated because instead of running it INSIDE the existing wall of the house that forms the back of the laundry closet - LIKE HE WAS SUPPOSED TO - Creeg decided to just run it out the basement, under the un-insulated porch floor, and up into the laundry area! There's some story floating around about insulating the pipes 'later', but I'm sorry - that's just beyond stupid - it's lazy! 

I get the definite impression that they'll cut any corner they can get away with, and then leave it like that if you don't call them on it. 

In case you can't tell, I'll be so GLAD when this is over! :)

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