The Ballad of Bitty Kitty

For those who don't know, we have several pets - too many at times. We have 3 dogs - Princess, Cali, and Scooter, and one cat named Muneca who now lives in the house, despite her feral wilderness-of-Washington origins. However, as we always seem to, we've started a collecton of outside cats as well. My dad goes out to smoke and apparently morphs into Dr. Doolittle - not that I'm complaining ... I'm totally a 'feed the strays' person anyway.

There are several out there now, most of whom are way too shy to befriend us all the way - though they WILL eat our food ;) But one in particular is now sort of OURS. We call her Bitty Kitty, and she appeared shortly after we moved in. She has a collar with a bell, but no tag, and she used to come and go, sometimes disappearing for a week or so at a time (going back home?). But for a few months now she's been a pretty solid fixture around here (I guess we provide tastier food than wherever she used to go). We've checked the paper and no one ever reports her missing, so we keep feeding her.

But for the last few days she's been missing. We looked, and called her "name", and put food out like usual, but no one saw her.

Today, my dad had to drive down to the Dairy Mart at the edge of the neighborhood so the electrician could follow him back to the house. He got in his truck, drove all the way to the Dairy Mart (not that it's far) and all the way back, and then ...... out popped Bitty Kitty from under the seat!!

She'd, apparently, climbed into the open truck cab when we were unloading groceries on WEDNESDAY night! It was dark, I was still a little sick, and my dad was starting to experience the worst of it - and we just never saw her.

But she's fine - and she wasn't even in much of a panic about getting out of the truck ... crazy cat!

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