on the fence #1

After many MANY snafus with getting the stuff delivered (let's just say we won't be ordering any more lumber/paint from Home Depot - and I might decide to sell my piddly little bit of stock), the lumber for the dog yard fence finally arrived yesterday. And the house paint showed up today (finally!).

Our 'fence guys' - the head honcho of whom has a name we cannot completely determine ... I would wager it's actually Craig, but with his accent it sounds like Creeg, so that's what my dad calls him when referring to him and that's now how I think of him (hey, for all I know that REALLY is his name!). Anyway, they were out the other day to drill the post holes, took a day off while we all waited on Home Depot (yet again), and then set all the posts today. Tomorrow they'll be out to start building the fence on the ground in sort of pre-fab sections (I'm assuming because the cement for the posts won't be set in time to affix anything meaningful to them by tomorrow.

Slight bad news .. the painter FINALLY showed up today (so far he's had deaths in the family and emergencies with his wife's pregnancy ... he's either having a REALLY bad month or he's a total flake (and a mediocre liar) - I think my money is on falkiness). But, because the fence guys were 'using the water' (for the cement) he couldn't do the paint stripping via pressure washing that he'd planned to do. He apparently toyed with the idea of starting to paint without pressure washing anything - a very bad idea considering the state of the old paint that is cracking, chipping, and falling off the house - but then he thought better of the idea and left saying he'd be back NEXT Tuesday!

Creeg had already volunteered that he could do the painting for us if we wanted, so after talking price we're going to go with Creeg instead. Creeg is WAY more expensive than the quote from Mr. Flybynight - but a) I think Creeg is capable of doing a GOOD job, and b) Creeg has the following points in he favor - he shows up, returns phone calls, and works hard and fast.

So basically, I'm thinking we'll have our dog yard in place by the end of the weekend, and depending on their schedule I wouldn't be surprised if the house was all nicely painted before this time next week (oh that would be SO nice!).

Next, it'll be getting the new kitchen ... I am still hoping it'll be done by Thanksgiving, but every time I say that my dad laughs (that doesn't bode well!). Oh well, one day at a time, Sweet Jesus ;)

Behold, Phase 1 of the Quest for a Fence:


La Yen said...

We are there with you, sister. I have been waiting for Jesus Acosta to come and lay cement for almost two months. There is always something. He will be returning my money on Monday. And I will be finding a new dude. (Remember in the money pit? "Two Weeks!)

LuluBunny said...

LOL - yeah, it's always something! Now even the fence guys flaked a bit (won't be back until Monday), but at least they have the excuse of rain/threat of rain and the need for the cement to fully set. And I gave them cookies and everything (maybe that was where I went wrong, lol)!

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