All Figured Out

Yeah right! LOL :)

But seriously, I got a few things sorted out to a place I'm happy with.

1) After much pondering and discussion with people whose opinions I greatly value (and from whom the consensus was: I am "too nice" and basically not pushy enough to make any money as a Realtor). I have decided not to do the Real Estate thing after all - the more I thought about it, the more I realized I just didn't really WANT to do it, I just thought it would come in handy so I SHOULD do it.

2) I'm officially a student again, yipes! I'm all signed up for the Interior Design program I tried once before (and didn't finish because I had my little nervous breakdown thingy). It's sort of like taking a step backward I guess .. but it's doing so in order to move forward - so how can that be a bad thing? But I am very happy about it - it's something I just feel really good about - even though it's going to take me like 4 years to get it done (depending on how quickly I can pay for it, of course).

3) I'm going to take a cake decorating class that starts October 6th. I'm just giving it a try, no pressure at alll, if I suck at it my life will not be ruined (afterall, all decorating "failures" will still result in something yummy!). But, if I like it and have some level of skill - I found a really cool two week course (and some other workshops) being offered in Chicago next Jan/Feb. that would, supposedly, improve my skill set to the point of being employable at a bakery - or capable of starting my own home-based business. I also found a couple of really amazing sugarcraft classes being offered near London that will fit very nicely into the trip I'm planning for next Spring. Gosh, I love the internet :)

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