It's been a good week :)

In addition to loving the new dishwasher and stove (there’s a little hiccup on the washer/dryer front that means I won’t be able to try the new ones out until next Tuesday-ish), in addition to the fact that my mother seems to be improving a little, and in addition to the fact that I’ve made a very happy decision about something that has been niggling at me …. I also had the LOVELY news this past Thursday that my beloved baby-girl, Princess does not in fact have the ‘big c’ again. I noticed a new lump on her side about a week before – right next to the scar where her previous incidence of cancer occurred, and I was really worried. But apparently it’s just a “lipoma” (sp?) – which the vet said is very common in old dogs and something that boxers are prone to (of course, they’re also prone to cancer!). But anyway, my lumpy-bumpy-nerdly old dog is FINE and that’s what’s important.

A really bad cameraphone pic of my Purty-Girl on the sofa :)

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