is it wrong ...

to lust after luggage?

LOL ;)

I received a catalog about a month ago, with a 3 piece set of Zebra print luggage for $99 - I fell instantly in lust! I don't even care that it's probably something (for that price) that's shockingly cheaply made - it's cute, and that's a good enough reason for me! But I tried to talk myself out of buying it by pointing out that I have no pressing need for luggage.

But about a week ago, I took a peak at it online, and found that it was now actually ON SALE! This was obviously a sign from the universe that I am meant to have this luggage - right? So I checked the bank account to make sure that what I thought was in there was actually in there, found that I could afford my newly $79 luggage without even flinching, and decided to buy it!

So I just ordered it - and to my great joy/surprise once it was in my shopping cart, they took an additional 15% off for no apparent reason. Yes, my life is just THAT charmed ... lol :)

So this is now wending it's way to me:

Now all I need is an excuse to use them! LOL

I am seriously thinking of taking my last $300 and getting as far away as I can for a weekend's worth of hot baths, room service, and solitude. I am not handling my mother's return well - she's been home a week as of last Thursday evening, and I'm literally going insane - already. It's always such a MASSIVE transition when she comes back (and this time she seems worse off then she has in the past). But, I know in a couple more weeks I'll settle back into the place where you forget to think about what you yourself actually want, forget to want anything at all, and have to remind yourself to breathe even though you're not sure why you bother.

But I'll have my luggage to look at :)


K said...

Woot! Luggage! I took one look at this post and forgot ALL about that bra you posted yesterday! Oh wait...nevermind. :-)

LuluBunny said...


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