I'm ashamed to admit ...

how thrilled I am that new appliances have been ordered!

I know, it's VERY 1950's housewife of me to get excited over a new washer and dryer, but I can't help it :)

We were going to get them at Sears since they were on sale this week - but then we ran out of time to get over there and pick them out so we shopped online at Home Depot instead. So here's the photo essay of what we've ordered (and should be delivered on Wednesday). Clicking on the pic will take you to the write up (if you're interested). Keep in mind, I am probably the only freak on the face of the earth who HATES stainless steel appliances:

The washer and dryer are the style I had my heart set on, and while it took a little while for the red to grow on me (my dad talked me into it), I'm now completely thrilled about them. And - the best part of all, is that since this dryer is gas instead of electric we won't have the same issues with the wiring (our old dryer kept tripping the breaker). I've had to hang everything out on the line to dry for months now - which is great for the environment and all, but not something I want to have to do all the time (plus, in another couple months it won't be an option anymore).

My original kitchen plan called for a gas cooktop and an electric double wall oven. However, in our current kitchen that's not an option. The range we have is totally insane and - don't laugh - only the broiler and the burners work! I think I've done remarkably well at figuring out how to make everything within the confines of these limitations - but it is a form of torture that I will be glad to see end. So, the revised kitchen plan will be this convection range, and then a wall oven (have not decided on double or single yet - I feel that double would be nice for baking and for Holidays when 17 things need different temps/times, but then I also feel it might be overkill, I mean, how many ovens does one girl need?).

Now, my dream dishwasher for the new kitchen was supposed to be a built in with stainless steel on the inside. This one is portable (which is what we need for the current kitchen, and which can easily be converted to a built in later), and not stainless on the inside - but I still like it. If I change my mind later we can still get the dishwasher I had picked out before and then put this one into one of the rental properties (that's what we're going to do with our current fridge since it's only a couple years old, and possibly our old washer and dryer). But I don't know - this one may stick, it has lots of lovely features.


b. said...

I LOVE the washer and dryer set!
I dislike the stainless steel appliances.
And.....I get probably way over excited about practical things like appliances.
YAY for you!
We had a portable dishwasher growing up. It actually was quite handy!

LuluBunny said...

hey b. - thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the 'sisterly' shout-out against stainless steel appliances (we're a totally oppressed minority in this world - at least according to what I see on HGTV, lol).

Unkempt Mommy said...

Oooh! I love new appliances. I knew I had become an adult when I was thrilled to see the Lowes truck pull up in front of our house with our new stove about 5 years ago. LOL

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