No - actually this post is not about cheese (not in any language), but everytime I start a sentence with the words "Ok, so ..." my father (because he thinks it's funny) replies "Queso?" - yes, that kind of quip is why we all love him, LOL.

Ok, so ... last Saturday we painted my room a lovely pale blue (and have since decided to tear the room apart one more time to paint the trim white - pics will be forthcoming when the room is feeling photogenic). While we were painting we had temporarily unplugged the phone in my room so we didn't hear the call about my mother. It seems that while we were deeply ensconced in painting, my mother had a fall (she's still up in Morgantown at the physical therapy joint). She dropped something on the floor, which she is slightly famous for, and on trying to reach down to retrieve it, she fell out of bed. In an incalculable demonstration of bad luck at work, she happened, on the way down, to hit her left eye on the corner of a trash can. Thus began the saga of trying to get an Ophthalmologist to come see her (or get her sent back over to the hospital - which was actually my FIRST request!). I'm not upset with anyone for the fall itself - she's fallen before - but when I was assured (at 10 am on Monday morning) that they could do "pretty much anything [there] that they could do at the hospital, minus the 4 hour ER wait" I never imagined it would end up taking until THURSDAY afternoon before the bum actually showed up! And the daily run around I got of "Oh he'll be in today" or "He'll be here tomorrow" did NOTHING to endear the place or the staff to me in the least.

Somehow - by the Grace of God (since it's obviously not due to good medical care!) - my mother's eye is going to be fine - and she will not lose her vision.

So Sunday we went up to see her, she had a SERIOUS shiner, and was very doped up, and I was given the impression that X-rays and an Ophthalmologist would be taken care of that day. When that didn't happen - I made my first phone call about getting her taken back to the Hospital on Monday morning. Then my dad and I went over to Clarksburg for our appointment with the Realtor to look at a gazillion properties (ok, I think it was more like 6 or 7) which took a big chunk of the day (most of it in the blistering sun). After that we went back up to see my mom.

By Monday night, I felt like I was starting to get a sore throat, but I though it was probably just from something I'd inhaled in one of the dusty/musty properties we'd been through that day. I popped a couple Benadryl and went to sleep (another commodity I wasn't getting much of). By Tuesday morning I KNEW I was sick (and so was my dad). When I called to talk to my mother, she commiserated that it sounded like exactly what she had (and what EVERYONE at the place seemed to have). Lovely!

So, that took the rest of my week really. Tuesday through Thursday are an absolute blur of sleeping, nose blowing, and coughing (and calling about my mother). I am still coughing a bit - but since my fever broke on Thursday I've been feeling progressively better. I managed to make a "dinner" on Thursday night (consisting of cut up leftover chicken, chicken flavored Top Ramen Noodles, leftover previously cooked frozen peas, and a bag of frozen sugar snap pea stir fry veggies - not exactly Julia Child, but hey it was what I could do). Friday I did not manage to cook, because I managed to put all the dirty dishes from the week into the dishwasher (that was enough to wear me out and make me cough up a lung). So we had Domino's and wached SciFi, and I was perfectly happy about it. My dad, however, is still pretty bad off. I think he's going to have to go to the doctor - it's all down in his lungs!

Friday morning the final check cleared into my bank account so I can now go get my car anytime. The only problem is whether or not my dad will be well enough to drive us over to the dealership Saturday (and whether they'll take my check on the strength of my passport since I haven't yet made it over to the DMV here) - or whether we'll have to wait and hit the DMV and the dealership on Monday. By the way my dad is coughing my money is on Monday, but he's optimistic that he'll feel better. Really, there's no difference between Saturday and Monday since a) the dealership isn't open on Sundays, and b) the car has been there for the past 3 weeks, so what are the odds that it would sell the Saturday before the Monday I could go get it? BTW - don't even answer that! LOL ;) But Monday we're also going with the Realtor to look at 3 properties here in town (that we were going to see last Wednesday, until we came down with plague). So the car thing may not happen until Tuesday - we'll see.

But really - I promise - I am REALLY going to get 'round to everyone's blogs ASAP - I am SO sorry, I suck so much as a blogger right now.


La Yen said...

Um, you have done more in one summer than I have done in three years.

LuluBunny said...

Yen - LOL ... yeah, well I just spent my Saturday watching the "Loves Come Softly" chick-flick marathon on the Hallmark Channel ... I couldn't have possibly been less productive! Ah - the joy of guilty pleasures, LOL ;)

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