The Sound of Silence

So why am I not blogging much lately?

Because my life is too boring for words ;P

Unless you want to hear about: taking our totally insane (some more than others) dogs to the vet, unless you want to hear about making sandwiches for dinner for the umpteenth time to avoid heating the house up too much (THANKFULLY my dad has schedule for us to get our new central AC unit in place by July 2nd), unless you want to hear about how I'm spending far too much of my online time looking for a car on ebay (without much success), unless you want to hear about the intricacies of playing "The Bourne Conspiracy" on the Xbox (in the only nicely air conditioned section of the house), and unless you want to hear the totally BIZARRE saga of how hard it is to get anyone around here to return calls (particularly plumbers and real estate agents) ... then I really have very little to say for myself.

Tomorrow, the plan is to go look at a couple properties in Fairmont, go to the DMV (you know how I love it there, lol), and check out what's for sale at the local used car lot that sits smack dab between points A and B ... again, probably not much that will be blog worthy, but ya never know. Then on Friday morning my dad takes his car over to get it worked on, and we have to hang out around the house (or use a taxi) until we get it back (he thinks it'll only take them a day to work on it, but I'm bracing for the whole weekend) ... somehow I suspect that won't produce much to write about either.

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Putz said...

i do really really want to hear more about this air conditionererer you are buying, we have lived 66 years( who is this wee i have a mouse in my pocket) i have lived 66 years without an airconditioner and have done so quite nicely, my wife buys one....i freeze... gloves to put on the t.v., sweaters down that is NOT THE is the story our air condioner is very very technition told us do not run it unleesss alll the vents are open, well another guy told my wife, the conditioner is sized for the house don't worry...that is still not the story ...i was sitting alone while my wife as usual was shopping...she never sits home, so why did she buy an a.c.//////???????WELL A LUD NOISE AND GAS ALL OVER THE HOUSE, DEADY FERON my wife comes home and asked what i did....i just sat there waiting to die...i din't buy the damn thing and now she thinks i was running it for her...well not the story, we are still running the damned over powered thing because some kid told us we are sized for it....i hear the damned machine and it builds up all this air and no place to go,,,now i sit to be gased by freon once a gain cabeesee? SO DON'T SAY THE A.C. IS NOT SOMETHING TO TALK ABOUT

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