1) So, after the first antibiotic gave me an allergic reaction (the first dose on the second day almost shut off my airway, not my idea of fun ... although spending the rest of the day out of my mind on Benadryl had it's perks! lol), the doctor kindly called in another prescription to the pharmacy. After finishing the entire thing I still had a raging sore throat. But after a second trip to the doctor - at which time a different doctor actually bothered to run a test (despite his feeling that it was probably viral) to see if it was actually strep throat or not (it was), and after very quickly testing to see which antibiotic it would be most sensative to - I was FINALLY sent home with the right drugs!! And am now feeling PERFECTLY fine again (so expect visits to your blogs again soon).

2) After eons (in California Real Estate terms) on the market, it looks like the condo is actually FINALLY selling (knock on wood and a pinch of salt over the shoulder!). My mother has accepted an offer (grudgingly) for about $75,000 less than our original listing price in March. The offer has been made, the inspections have been done (and passed, with the exception of a couple MINOR repairs), and all we have to do now is find a notary (no easy thing around here, apparently) ASAP, and FedEx the escrow documents back to Cali. The couple who are buying are incredibly anxious to move in quickly (they're hoping to close escrow in as little as two weeks). They apparently have plans to completely renovate and update the kitchen, the bathrooms, and put in new noise reducing windows (their contractor came over the same day as the inspector). So, at least IMHO - it's an enthusiastic hallelujah - free at last! :)


Putz said...

wow, can you write, i'm agast at your humor, good taste, and intellegence...came over from i gotta b, isn't she a good writer,,,i don't have to buy a book, all i have to do is blog with all you natural wits...thanks for your 10 reasons not to propigate, although as you said there were only 9...i would have thought a girl like you would have bee snarfed up long ago, but don't look at me, i'm 66

LuluBunny said...

Thanks Putz :)

And yes, IMHO b. totally rules the blogger universe! :)

Hope to see ya around here again sometime - any friend of b.'s is a friend of mine (though all those compliments were fairly endearing as well, lol).

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