Yes, Virginia, stupid people do vote.

I read a post on a fellow blog I enjoy and began to compose a little response in the form of a comment. That response got to be so long (and slightly off the actual topic) that I decided I should put it here instead. The topic of discussion, prompted by Hillary's win of WV, was the relation of race ... to the race.

Living here in WV I was thrilled that Hillary won .. until I started to hear some of the comments about race. I was floored, and frankly embarrassed. I couldn't believe anyone would really still care so much about something like that. I couldn't believe that anyone in this day and age would honestly vote based on race (or in the case of one woman, the fact that Obama's middle name is Hussein - "we've had enough trouble with Husseins" was her 'well-reasoned' quote).

But then I realized that people, in general, sometimes vote for their preferred candidate for some very stupid reasons anyway. I'm sure there are people who won't vote for Obama because of his race, like there are people who will vote for Hillary because of her gender (a lot of people seem to think it would be nice to have a 'woman-president' .. an antique sounding turn phrase which cracks me up almost as much as 'lady-doctor'), and just like there might be some who'll vote for McCain because he's kinda short (short people are very under-represented in the history of the office of president). My friend La Yen has admitted in a comment to voting based on hair (possibly the most patriotic reason of all), and we're all very proud of her. *

I voted for Hillary because I honestly thought she would be the stronger candidate NATIONALLY against McCain (unless I'm mistaken, that's sort of the point of primaries and nominations). I used to think the exact opposite, actually. Originally I thought Hillary had too many people who hated her for too many stupid thing from years ago (failed Health Care reform attempts, cookie baking comments, etc.), and that Obama - with a clean slate so to speak - would be the better national candidate. But then, the race began, things were said and done, non-issues became issues as they always do, and I changed my mind. Hillary seems to be doing better with what the media likes to call "blue-collar America" - a group that honestly often votes against itself, economically speaking, mostly for the sake of the social issues. A group I fear would choose McCain over Obama if it came down to that (which it looks like it might).

I am shocked that a thing like race still matters so much to some people ... but what am I gonna do about it? In this country we all get to vote - even the stupid people. And if one factors them in, I guess Hillary becomes an even stronger national candidate (though in an VERY unfortunate way). But Hillary seems to be on her way to being a moot point now - at least that's what CNN has decided. Every story seems to be at least partly about how she should bow out gracefully.

Honestly, I don't care who the Dem nominee is (or even why people voted for him/her), just so long as McCain is not our next president. I really used to like him - I used to think he had integrity, but he clearly made a deal with the devil a few years ago. If he wins I'll be blogging from Mexico for the foreseeable future (and that is not a joke). It's going to be hard enough to pull this country out of the hole we're in without digging it deeper for the next 4 to 8 years, and if that's how it goes I'm going to pick up my toys and go home (proverbially speaking of course).

So there is my sore throat induced, antibiotic fueled, sugar-overloaded political invective for the moment. I might have others before November, but I might not - I think this pretty much covers it :)

*BTW, La Yen was kidding, and we all know it (and so should you), and that's why we're proud of her - because she's always clever that way! ;)


La Yen said...

I didn't even get a chance to vote for the Hair Party because Uncle Mitt pulled out right before Texas Primaries. So I voted for Obama and then called my SIL and asked if I needed to go repent. She said maybe. He still lost. So I thnk it clears me for heaven. (Because the Republicans claim that vote.)

And, like Kenneth from 30 Rock says, choosing is a sin.

LuluBunny said...

LOL - well, if choosing is a sin, I'm totally screwed anyway so I can vote for anyone I like (I must be front row center in Hell by now) ;)

Perhaps the Hair Party - which as far as I can tell only ever had the two candidates in it anyway (Mitt and John Edwards) - will fair better next time around. I think we should start to right our elected officials about the importance of good hair!

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