recent hits and misses ..


Yes, we finally got one - and ladies and gentlemen, I think I'm in love, lol ;)


After reading every square inch of the site before ordering to make sure that it was Mac compatible (a miserable verity of of life in a PC dominated world), I ordered one, only to plug it in upon arrival and find out that while it will run on a Mac, it will NOT run on my Mac (my OS isn't up to date enough). Aaargh! However, it works great on my dad's laptop, so basically my parents now have a new phone line (at least untill I get my OS updated, which I should anyway) - not that they really needed one.

Near Miss?:

I've decided to go back to Skype. My mobile gets spotty reception and costs more than skype does a month (plus I'm probably giving myself some sort of cancer by using it all the time), and I've been spoiled by having my own line for too long, I just can't go back to sharing one line with my parents. So I placed an order last night. The outgoing part is working fine - but skype has dropped the ball on hooking up the incoming part. I've contacted them, and I've never had a problem like this with them before, so I'm sure it'll be up and running soon (they have up to 48 hrs. to respond). I will still have my mobile phone, and still use it, but I'll be cutting down to a lower minute package. So, expect an e-mail from me soon with one FINAL number update - I promise it's final this time, LOL ;)

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