A belated Happy Mother's Day :)

In case you don't know, I am living in the town that is credited for being the birthplace of Mother's Day - and in case you don't know, this year was the Centennial of the holiday. To mark the occasion (and, let's be honest, to try to get a few more votes before the Tuesday primary) my favorite presidential candidate came to our little hamlet. I kid you not - Hillary Clinton came to Grafton, WV!

We have 2 local channels, both of which covered the story, unfortunately I can't get the video from either one to embed in the blog. However, if you click these links it will take you straight to the videos (if you want to see them):

A general overview of the visit:

A summary from the other channel:
Hillary and Chelsea visit the Anna Jarvis House:

Unfortunately, we didn't know anything was going on until it was too late to go, not that I necessarily would have gone and stood in the rain and cold - I'd rather show my support by voting on Tuesday (and NOT catching pneumonia), but I might have gone since it's not everyday that this sort of thing happens around here :)

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