I'm Shocked :)

So, the whole time we lived in California (and while my mother and I were here in WV last time) we had cable tv lineups that didn't offer BYUTV. And while I did always enjoy the Living Essentials show and the cooking show with Mary Crafts, I can't say I really missed it.

But this past weekend, during the multiple airings of the multiple sessions of Conference, my mother basically guilted me into leaving the channel on for large chunks of time. I can't claim to have seen every minute of every session. I can't lie and say there weren't times when I rolled my eyes. I think there might even have been one occasion when I talked back to the screen briefly (something I normally reserve for members of the Bush administration and the folks on Fox News), but overall - I actually enjoyed it! In fact, I think I sort of miss going to church - even with my ubiquitous urge to roll my eyes.

My favorite of the talks I saw was actually from Joseph B. Wirthlin in the Saturday morning session. I was perched and prepared to cop an attitude when he began to talk about "the lost", but somehow I just never felt the need.

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