Gibberish, and then some :)

Firstly, there shall be no more American Idol in this house (it's the ONLY thing we're unanimous about). It was bad enough when they sent the Australian guy home (instead of the talentless folks and one trick ponies such as Kristie Lee, Brooke, and Jason). It was bad enough that they keep that simperingly overdone Archuleta kid (yes, he can sing - but I still hate him). But when they threw Carly Smithson off - the camel's back snapped like a twig. I will watch the horrifyingly entertaining auditions in the future, but I will never again get wrapped up in the show past that point.

Secondly, my mother has calmed down (slightly) and is lowering the price of the condo, on the advice of the Realtor, to $299,900. Yes, the market actually IS that unstable and crappy (to illustrate; a fact my father ran across in the Register or the Times .... there were 600 foreclosures in Orange County in the whole year of 2006 ... there were 600 foreclosures in Orange County in just March of 2008!).

Thirdly, no matter what any Monday morning quarterbacks might say (come Monday morning) I think my tv-boyfriend, Craig Ferguson, did a very nice job at the White House Correspondents Dinner.

Fourthly (is that even a word?), I am still upset with my mother to the extent that I don't really want to do any sort of "family business' investment stuff that involves her in any way. My mother, bless her heart (here in the South you can say anything you like abou someone, so long as you preface it with: Bless his/her heart), seems to have a total inability to make business decisions based on anything other than emotion. I've never known anyone else who can mange to take a drop in the real estate market as a personal affront (from me to her, since I delivered the bad news), and possibly a conspiratorial plot (involving everyone - including Lee Harvey Oswald on the grassy knoll with a candlestick .. oh wait, that's something else altogether, lol) to rob her of all the money she has in the world. I still think investing in rental properties is a fine idea - but I really don't need her to sulk and pitch a hissy fit every time we'd have to shell out for a new shower head. I just don't need the drama - and my mother is very much about drama.

When I was at my most livid and disillusioned with her I looked into moving out somewhere local (though why I would want to stay local when I'm angry with someone I don't quite know, lol). And that was a solid possibility, for five minutes. But I would have to take my money (and possibly a couple utilities, since they're in my name) with me - which I deemed sort of mean of me. It's not like my parents couldn't get the gas or the DirecTV hooked up in their names, it's just a hassle and an expense, so it seemed a bit nasty. I wasn't angry enough to be mean - I just wanted out. So then I thought of leaving the country again - either teaching English or as an au pair or both (anything to get out quick). That option sang me a siren song big time since it meant travel and immediate withdrawal, but then my more sensible side took over and started pointing out that if I did that I'd just be bouncing around from place to place for 3-6 months at time, never accumulating more in the savings account than it took to get to my next job. And while that sounds adventurous at 22, at 32 it sounds sort of stupid!

What I finally settled on, is that, for better or worse, I really do want to get a Real Estate License (I liked the idea in CA (and if we were there still, I could have had one by now) ... and I like the idea here too - hey, a good idea is good everywhere). After all a girl's gotta have a day job no matter what shape her pipe dreams may take - and I really think that's the one that would work best for me (whether or not my mother ever gets hired help and sets me free - cue the choir singing "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot").

And I think doing the Real Estate thing is a good idea (FOR ME) regardless of what my parents do or do not do.

But that means holding still long enough to take the class and pass the test ... so no gallivanting around for 6 months in Mexico and 6 months in the UK (or 6 months in Mexico and 3 months each in two European or South American countries that will only let me in for that length of time un-visa-ed - sure that's a word!). So I calmed myself down and made the decision to stay here, take the class, pass the stupid test, and go from there ... regardless of what anyone else does or does not do around here. It may not glitter like gold, but I think it's a smarter move over the long haul (using phrases like that is how you know you're starting to get old .. I mean SMART! lol). And if, in the course of staying here and doing what seems smarter for me, I occasionally tell my mother to bite me - so be it. I mean come on, it's not like she's gonna fire me for having a bad attitude (if she could've she would've done that years ago, since I think she thinks I always have a bad attitude).

Bottom line: I've decided to be very Zen about the whole thing (and slightly selfish) .... However I got here (false pretenses, broken promises, or just the uncontrollable variables of human existence), I'm here now .. and all I can do is work from here forward - doing what's best for me.

Sixthly, in case the condo does ever sell, and in case there is any money to fix up this place, and in case anyone cares to waste their time seeing how I waste my time .... here are some of the plans I made (click on the them to make them bigger):

Quick rendering of the Current Downstairs:

Proposed changes to the Downstairs (I haven't gotten to the upstairs yet):

Current Front Yard Landscaping:

Proposed Front Yard Landscaping (the mottled brown/yellow area is gravel because my dad HATES mowing the lawn):

Current Backyard Landscaping:

Proposed Backyard Landscaping


Pacian said...

Don't forget to include a secret cave for your rocket car.

LuluBunny said...

I just KNEW I forgot something! ;)

La Yen said...

Come landscape my backyard.

And out here they do a lot of hiring people as agents and then paying for their training. I don't know what the catch is, but you may see if that is a possibility there

Jayne said...

Heya...sounds like you've got a handful of things going on there.

And don't forget, you can't just preface the comment with "bless her heart." You also have to have a syrupy-rich voice when you say it. It's the law.

LuluBunny said...

Yen - Have shovel will travel :)

And I know that Real Estate companies used to do the same thing in CA that it sounds like they do there in TX, but so far, I can't find anyone who does it that way here in WV.

Jayne - I'm still working on my syrupy sweet drawl ... but practice makes perfect ;)

Craft Junkie said...

"My mother, bless her heart (here in the South you can say anything you like abou someone, so long as you preface it with: Bless his/her heart)..." Isn't that the wonderful thing about being from the South? LOL

I so need to start working on my yard and seeing your landscaping ideas really makes me feel lazy for NOT having started sooner. Maybe tomorrow? lol

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