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So, Wednesday (or something like that) we got an e-mail from the Realtor saying that the market in CA is falling even lower down the bottomless pit it's been sliding into lately, and that if we're serious about selling we're going to have to lower the price. At the moment it's listed at $349,900. I suggested, and I firmly believe, we should lower it to $324,900 (for now). According to the Realtor there are a total of 20 comparable properties for sale right now priced between $259,000 and $359,000 - 17 of those are lower in price than our condo (and 11 of the listings are HOUSES not condos!) I thought my mom should pick a number she felt comfortable with and call the Realtor so she could change the price before the Open House she's holding this weekend - but my mother won't have it (she's not fond of change and has it set in her mind that the condo is worth $357,000).

Every time we've talked about it over the last couple days I've ended up wanting to strangle her (she has a way of talking to me like I'm a 2 year old). There is no amount of reasoning with her that seems to sink in. I have tried pointing out perfectly practical things like: for tax purposes the condo MUST be sold THIS year, it's only worth what someone is willing to pay for it (and we're not going to see that figure go back up to $410,000 again anytime soon!), and that a couple hundred thousand in the hand (while not anywhere near the $300,000 it was once going to be) is worth a whole lot more than nothing in the hand! She seems to have this mentality that the condo is an asset. But in my book, something with PLUMMETING equity that costs you almost $900 a month in mortgage and association fees is more in the liability family. And that seems especially apparent to me when you hold it up against the alternative; completely un-financed properties that actually MAKE a couple thousand dollars every month.

But she is immovable, so far, and is talking about renting it out again.

That is NOT what I signed up for! I agreed to come back here only under certain conditions, one of them being that there is supposed to be an eventual boost to the income (from rental properties) which will allow us to hire private duty nursing care for my mother - thus allowing me to get a life of my own for a change.

I've been up all night - fuming and miserable - looking online at classified ads for apartments, cars, and jobs here in WV and up in Pittsburgh. I swear to God, if she screws this up, I'm leaving - I've totally had it!


La Yen said...

Man. Man, Man. Are you really going to stick to it? If you want to take a break from the sitch you can come on out for a breather before it gets too hot...

Pacian said...

Interesting. In the UK I don't think it's even certain that house prices have stopped rising yet.

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LuluBunny said...

Yen - Thanks for the offer, I just might take you up on it ;) Btw, do you have pepitas in El Paso, I miss them already, and if you have them that could seriously seal the deal ;)

Pacian - Rub it in why don't ya? LOL ;)

Bipolar Speaks - thanks for the invite I will try to get over to check out the site soon :)

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