#1 Slacker Street, Loserville, State of Denial, USA

That's my REAL new address.

So here's the breakdown .. when we first got here we weren't online at all - that sucked! But there was a ton of stuff to do (some of which still isn’t done) so there was plenty to keep me busy. Then we got back online and I INTENDED to get back into the swing of things with blogging and commenting but so far .. I suck!

So far I’ve spent the vast majority of my online time doing things like correcting my address/phone number/time zone on various things; looking into ordering new checks for my mom; looking up to find out why the DirecTV bill will be $65/month and not the $42 I was quoted when I ordered it (apparently there’s a ‘rebate’ I have to apply for that they have 6-8 weeks to process before it’s applied to my bill - whatever); looking at (and daydreaming about) windows, doors, kitchen cabinets, quartz countertops, bamboo flooring, and other things that can’t be bought until the condo sells; reading about starting a West Virginia Business Trust (not something I really need to know everything about RIGHT NOW, of course); and returning e-mails to a handful of you.

When I’m not online I am wasting my free time by fiddling with my graph paper floorplan; measuring things; playing xbox; and vegetating in front of the tv.

I have, in short, collapsed in a heap. I have been taxed mightily just by getting here, and motivation has become elusive.

But I think I’m coming out of it now so – fingers crossed – I might actually make it to some blogs this weekend, write some more e-mails, and maybe even – gasp! – make a couple phone calls sometime next week (I have been meaning to call LaYen, K-Dragon, and JuJu ever since the phone got reattached).

Please forgive my slacker ways, I shall return, one of these days!


K said...

What are you playing on Xbox?

LuluBunny said...

The Classics, of course! ;)

Mostly Halo actually.

But I do loves me the Sam Fishers - some people refer to the series as Splinter Cell, but trust me, they are wrong :)

Anonymous said...

Whatz an Xbox?

IrishTigger :-)

LuluBunny said...

Tigger - it's only THE BEST videogame console in the whole universe ;)

Do they not have it in Ireland? I know the boys I used to take care of had the PlayStation platform (and ALL their friends seemed to as well) but I just assumed there must be Xboxes being played somewhere in the country.

It's part of my unabashedly nerdy side - all hail the SciFi channel (well, except for their movies)! Not to leave out BBC America's SciFi Saturdays ;)

Of course I do tend to gravitate toward games where I can shoot things (not particularly nerdy I guess) - I'm actually pretty good with a sniper rifle ... a skill I would gladly add to my resume if not for the fact it would come across wrong, LOL ;)

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