Last night at about 8:53pm; having listened to the American idol results show while packing the kitchen, we looked around at the enormity of the work still to be done and decided to admit defeat and stay another day. So, we will leave Sunday morning rather than Saturday.

BTW, the Realtor was over yesterday. She's amazing! We were going to ask her if she'd mind too much letting the carpet cleaners in after we've gone (something we would schedule, and pay for, online). But she's offered to have the carpet cleaners and a cleaning crew come in on her dime (normally she gives people "gifts" for signing with her that they can use at their new home, but since we're pretty much set in WV she thought we could use this instead). It's just one more nice thing on top of another with her (I am now very glad I didn't balk at the idea of letting her come in with all the boxes lying around (complete with a plugged in vacuum cleaner leaning against them!) - sometimes looking like a disaster pays off I guess, lol). So if anyone needs to list a house in So Cal, I HIGHLY recommend Beth Lamb!


MountainLaurel said...

Good luck with your trip. As you are between ISP's, remember that in many mid-priced chain hotels (and some cheap ones) they offer free wireless. You can usually get these from the parking lot and they're very seldom secured. If you email me the town you're going to, I'll see if I can get a list of wireless access points.

Safe travels.

Pacian said...

Happy travelling!

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