Take Me Home Country Roads

Made it to WV! :-D The house is a bit musty and dusty, and the yard
looks like a jungle - but it's great to be here - finally. Today was
the most eventful day on the road - complete with a blown out big-rig
tire that had to be dodged, and a carload of college boys (?) driving
around with a sign in thier window saying "Show Your Boobs!" -
complete with a drawing and a phone number. I told my mom I thought we
should call just to ask whether that sort of thing ever really works
for them LOL:-x So we have a ton of work to do around here - I gotta
get to bed now. Oh Tigger ... sorry to disappoint your dead relations
but we had to bypass Ark. I'm sure they'll understand - seeing as
they're not going anywhere, LOL ;-)

1 comment:

Jayne said...

Glad to see you guys made it. Welcome home!

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