redemption song?

Ok, so, ya know that whole Murphy's Law thing about things going wrong that can? Well, trust me - EVERYTHING that can go wrong will, and then some!
EXAMPLE: You know how when you move, the last thing on the moving van (and the first thing off) needs to be the vacuum? Imagine it dies right in the middle of vacuuming the house (with the intention of leaving THAT afternoon). That's how today went. And it's been like that for days now!
As I have internal meltdown after internal meltdown I just keep reminding myself that things work out the way they need to, and that is we had left any of these other days we meant to, we might have ended up in some sort of accident or something (yeah, that's it - maybe this is somehow benneficial!?!, LOL).
Supposedly we are leaving bright and early tomorrow morning - and this time I think we actually might (fingers crossed!!)

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Anonymous said...

O'Leary's Law: "Murphy was an optimist!"

Ah Well, just remember the Pioneer Spirit - keep those wagons rollin'.


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