Well we've got the moving truck now (that was this afternoon's major accomplishment). That, of course, means that I had to drive my dad's ginormous SUV home (something I have been dreading - but I just followed right behind him in the truck and everything went fine).

Everything in my room is packed now except my computer and printer (that goes in the box tonight), and we've got the kitchen about half way packed, so we have to finish that tonight too. But then that's it. Tomorrow morning we go hire the guys to load the truck, make a pilgrimage to Wal-Mart and then start the mad dash to clean and apply the touch-up paint. Tomorrow night, we settle in for some Stargate (on the only tv small enough for us to leave it off the truck and load on Sat. morning ourselves) and something edible and delivered, and then we're outta here :)

I'm curerntly hiding out in my room and relaxing for a few minutes while my mom meets with the Realtor downstairs. My dirty hair is tied up in a do-rag and I'm wearing yoga pants and a shirt that both have paint on them (my shirt also has hair dye stains, and now spackle on it). Obviously I am not feeling very presentable at the moment, lol ;)

I will blog again before we leave (on my dad's laptop) - and I should be able to blog on the road from my phone (we'll see). But from Saturday when we leave, until we get the internet hooked up in WV (which is actually going to take a few weeks - long story) I won't be able to respond to comments, or leave any for anyone else. So, please don't anyone think I'm being rude.

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