Memory Lane (sort of)

So, lately we've been trying to visit places we won't be able to go again for a very long time (if ever). Most of the places won't be even vaguely impressive to anyone but me - an example of which would be:

The Costa Mesa House
This cute little Spanish style bungalow was built in the early 1900's and purchased by my father's father's parents when they moved to CA. My father's parents lived in it when they were first married, as did my parents - so my father's baby pictures and mine were all taken here :)

We also visited the graves of two sets of my great-grandparents (my father's father's side, and my mother's mother's side), and took photos of the markers for the genealogy (this is yet another thing that will interest no one but me, but hey - it's what I've been up to lately so it's all I've got to talk about, lol). But one thing I thought you guys might enjoy is the pendulum at the Mausoleum of the cemetery where my mom's grandparents are buried:

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