Monday ...

We started installing the kitchen knobs we bought a bazillion months ago, and then ran into a slight problem (which is always the way it goes, no?) in that the cabinet doors were thicker than the screws that came with the knobs allowed for.

So then, we went to Lowes and, as is mandatory, walked all over the place several times, still not able to find everything on the list. However, we found the slightly longer appropriate screws we needed (as well as remembering to take a kitchen drawer in to have the paint color matched by their magical machine). We were supposed to stop by Wal-Mart after Lowes, but it was about 1 pm at that point and the pharmacy closes for lunch until 1:30, so we went home and installed the knobs, see:

(sorry for the crapiness of the pics)

So after that, it was back to Wal-Mart, and by the time that ordeal was over I was too tired to make dinner so we got sandwiches from the Subway inside Wal-Mart (God Bless corporate conglomeration, lol). Since there was nothing on tv last night we watched my Netflix copy of Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room. It was fascinating - I didn't realize the depth of the involvement of Enron in the California energy crisis of a few years back (what did I just say about corporate conglomeration?).

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