let there be light :)

So, among the home improvements we needed to make around here before leaving was the changing out of the kitchen light. When we moved back in here, the fixture in the kitchen was actually the same one put up by us 12-15 years ago - a now very outdated brass/glass thing (pictured here in it's temporary home in the hallway at the top of the stairs):

It gave off such a ridiculously low level of light (especially when one of the three bulbs would flicker and then go out from time to time), that my dad kindly changed it out for one of the fabulously functional fixtures from the staircase (there are two matching lights - one at the bottom of the stairs, one at the top). So for months now I've had this lovely thing in the kitchen to keep me from cutting off a finger:

But, because the plan was always for the hall light to go back to it's home at the top of the stairs, we needed to get something else for the kitchen (ditching forever the tacky old brass one with it's dubious wiring). This is what we settled on:

While it's not my absolute ideal of a kitchen fixture (when we redo the WV house I'd like to have more of a pendant light over an island - but that's not practical for the tiny kitchen here with it's comparatively low ceiling), it is lovely for this kitchen. The metal finish is a nice brushed nickel that goes with the faucet, and the glass globe is a frosted white with an interesting slightly swirly pattern to it.

On the moving front ... the weather forecast for the trip is fine: Clear between here and Little Rock, and then rain from there, with possibly a bit of snow up towards WV. But the forecast for our last week here is: rain, rain, and more rain - the two rainiest days being Thursday (the day we pick up the truck), and Friday (the day we need to load the truck). Ugh!


La Yen said...

Ah, the nipple light. We had those in Provo. Here we have the standard ones that came with the house--and they are all brass. Which matches out popcorn ceiling, also standard. Oh, El Paso!

LuluBunny said...

Nipple light? LOL! Well, now I'll never look at it the same way again ;)

We also have the funky old popcorn ceilings here (in every room except the baths and kitchen). But it's supposedly expensive to have pros come rip it off, and very time consuming and messy to do it oneself, so it stays - it can be the next guy's headache.

La Yen said...

It is SUPER easy to rip off--you spritz it with water (or not, try it without first) and they make this tool at the Home Depot that is like a large scraper with a spot to attach a plastic bag to--it just peels off and falls in the bag.

LuluBunny said...

Oh wow! That's so cool - I'll look for that next time we go to Home Depot (actually, I'll look at Lowes too, just in case).

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