all quiet on the western front

Just a brief update to let everyone know, we're not going to be leaving until NEXT weekend.

We've still got paint touch ups, things to spackle, the kitchen light to change out, and other stuff like that to be done (though we are going to ask the realtor to let the carpet cleaners in after we've gone). And there's still some packing to be done (mostly it's just sealing up some boxes, unplugging the tv's, putting my computer in it's box, and that sort of last minute stuff). The kitchen is still entirely unpacked (hey I use that stuff every day it can't get packed too far in advance), so that's gonna be all kinds of fun.

Anyway, we are supposed to get the moving truck next Thursday afternoon, hire a couple guys to fill it up on Friday, and point the wagons east that Saturday. If I don't blog between now and then it's because I'm lazy - I mean busy, lol.

No seriously, I will not be too busy to blog, I just doubt that anyone really wants to hear about the drama of trying to match up paint colors. But in case you do - I will tell you that I brought home every little sample paint chip thingy in the beige family trying to match the wall color that's here .. and none of them are even really close. But my dad has had the brilliant idea to take a kitchen drawer in with us next time (yes, sadly the kitchen drawers are the same off-white as everything else in the place - that's what you get from it's being a rental unit so long; everything got sprayed the one ugly beige).

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