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It's raining here in So Cal, and my car still has not sold - my dad is due to take it to CarMax tomorrow - and I had intentions to vacuum the house today and didn't, but all's well because:

My pets are cute, see .....

Princess on the sofa (barking at me for taking her pic):

Cali with her food dish on the other sofa (giving me the stink eye - in case I'm thinking of asking her to move):

Scooter doesn't like to hold still - what can I say, he's part Dingo ;)

Muneca in my chair (giving me a bodybuilder flex to indicate her lack of interest in moving)

And then fat and sassy - satisfied that I am not going to make her move a muscle:

My $530.81 check finally showed up in Saturday's mail,

I am full of brownie bites from the bakery at Albertsons .....

La Yen emailed everyone an ADORABLE pic of the Jooj (Jooj dressed herself, and is oh so stylin),

Pacian posted an ADORABLE pic of his sleeping cat,

I managed enough online time today to catch up on some blog reading - and discover THIS BLOG - which is what I did instead of vacuuming ;)

For the first time since I started watching Amazing Race (that's like 6 years or something), the team I wanted to win from the very start - actually did! Naturally, I've liked several of the other teams who've won over the years - and HATED a few too - but it's never before been my favorite team from the get go that actually ended up winning. So, shout out to TK and Rachel - and they're from OC - see, we don't all suck here :)


Pacian said...

Rain in Southern California? The rest of the post had better not be a joke, as those are some cute animals. :-/

LuluBunny said...

Believe it or not, every word is true - including the rain ;)

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