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Well, um, Wednesday evening my mom lost a filling from one of her molars. We dashed around the corner to Albertson's to get some of that temporary filling stuff and some Orajel - she used the Orajel to get through the night, but declined the other stuff on the grounds that neither she nor I could tell exactly where it was supposed to go (my best guess was that the filling had been somewhere between two teeth – in a spot I couldn’t see). After calling just about every dentist in town, my mom tried the number of a dentist she’d been given by the home health nurse – a dentist that makes house calls!

Thursday, the dentist came out and fixed everything (nicest man in the world) – apparently the filling had been in the middle of the molar, but when it broke off, it took the back portion of her tooth with it. I guess that’s why I couldn’t really tell what I was looking at – I was expecting to see a tooth with a missing filling, rather than a well hidden partially missing back of a tooth.

So that was one bit of excitement.

The ebay auction for my car ended this afternoon – NO SALE :( I’m going to relist it, and cross my fingers again. Also, maybe CarMax will say the magic number (if we ever manage to take it over there, that is, lol). But I think it’s definitely time to spend a bit of money on serious advertising. The free ads and online stuff are just not cutting it. But, I have come up with an alternate plan – we could keep both cars and move without EVERYTHING in tow (just taking what will fit in the back of the SUVs. There’s already a fridge, beds, and a washer and dryer in WV, so we could leave the ones we have here – just until the place sells. We could fit the computers and 1 or 2 TVs, and some other odds and ends into the back of one of the cars – dogs riding in the other car. We’d miss the chest freezer, the piano, my mother’s dresser, etc., - but it would only be for a little while. None of us are in love with the idea - it's a little too "Grapes of Wrath" – but it’s an option.

We’ve also been in touch with the Realtor about listing this place. It seems that the market has fallen quite a bit (last time we listed this place (in 2006) we were asking $424,000, and at the 11th hour (after we’d already decided to move back in) we got, and almost took, an offer for $410,000. This time it seems we will be listing at around $349,000!) But we really won’t lose that much more this way when you consider that if we’d sold it at $410,000 in October 06 we would have had massive taxes to pay (since it wasn’t my mom’s primary residence). If we sell it this year, the taxes for us will be ZERO because of the changes to the tax laws that Bush made (it almost gags me to say it – but apparently Shrub did do one good thing – oh that tastes bad!). If not for that, we’d have to stay here until next year to get the same tax break (once it’s been a rental, you have to live in it for 2 out the last 5 years in order to avoid the taxes when you sell).

So, that’s about it … we’re just dead in the water until the car sells. UGH – if you know me, you know – patience is not one of my virtues (this is driving me crazy!!). Monday I’m going to have to call the gas company in WV and tell them we’re not going to be there for our scheduled hook-up date – the only problem is that I don’t know when to tell them we WILL be there. Oh well, I guess I’ll just push them back a couple weeks and see what happens.

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