It's Already a Bad Day!

They just put my mom in the ambulance, so she's back to the hospital :(


La Yen said...

January blows.

K said...

So sorry to hear that your day/week/month is off to a crappy start. On a more selfish (but in now way insensitive) note, does this mean you'll be staying in California for a bit longer?

Peter Chen said...


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Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear that news. Hope she'll get well quickly. Talk to you soon. IrishTigger

LuluBunny said...

Yen - it sure does!

K-Dragon - we are progressing at the speed of a snail so we now plan to leave on the 23rd/24th. But I will probably lose the internet before that.

Peter - thanks for the link. I was getting Spammed and wanted to get the e-mail address of the spammer - but it's a moot point now since it's stopped (I turned word verification back on).

Tigger - Thank you :) And she IS doing a bit better now.

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