doing a jig (?)

Ok, maybe that's not completely true, but I am now finally feeling completely well again, and that’s something jig-worthy (it’s a word if I say it is!) even though if I tried to actually do one, I'm sure I’d feel like something dragged in by the cat again. But health has been restored – that’s the point!

I feel completely fine again, and my mom is almost fully back to normal as well – she went over to the hospital a couple evenings ago, they pumped her full of fluids for a few hours and then sent her home, and she’s been feeling progressively better ever since – pheew! And somehow my dad never really got it that bad to begin with.

So, things are back on track around here – more or less. Everything is set up to be turned on in WV (and if we don’t get a move on soon, we’ll have to reschedule it), so we’re ready to go there. We also broke down and gave the cable company here another $140 to keep us turned on until after we go (otherwise we would have been cut off over this past weekend and would have lost the TV, internet access, and also the phone since Vonage runs on the broadband.

Now the only real point of stress is the fact that my car is not selling. I never would have thought that it’d be so hard to sell a perfectly good vehicle for below blue book value (my 4Runner is supposedly worth $5,000 (according to, we’ve been asking $4,000), but apparently I’m wrong. We talked about it, and I’ve just edited the online ads to $3,600 OBO (if that doesn’t do it, I don’t know what will).

Know anyone who wants THIS?

We can’t go until it sells since a) we’re not going to drag it cross country behind the moving truck while I'm driving my dad's tank of an SUV (gas is going to cost enough without that dead weight!), and b) we can’t really afford to rent the moving truck without some money from the sale. So, at the moment the tentative date for moving is still the 23/24th, but it’s all about unloading my stupid car. My dad’s going to take it over to CarMax this week to see what kind of offer they come up with.

So, one more hurdle to get over - UGH!


Pacian said...

It is easier to get over hurdles while jigging. FACT.

LuluBunny said...

LOL :) Ah Pacian, I can always count on you for a logical telling of the facts (and just the facts) - thank you ;)

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