cholera update

Well, my fever finally broke at about 3 this morning and I'm only back in the land of the living now (mostly).

Two days of nothing but the occasional sip of water made this afternoon's single bowl of chicken soup a huge achievement, even though it took me an hour and I still didn't finish all of it.

My mom has improved a little, but has gone back to the hospital this evening. She's gotten a bit dehydrated, and wasn't able to keep her meds down, so she needs an IV and some shots. They never should have sent her home when they did!

Fortunately, in spite of feeling nauseated yesterday, my dad has not developed it. He's been incredibly nice to both of us!!


Joseph Ludi said...

Okay, I'm sure it was just an oversight on your part but when you said that Id been really nice to you and your Mom you inadvertently forgot to add, "as usual" to it. I'm only posting this because I'm sure you intended to say it. ;)

LuluBunny said...

LOL - por supuesto! :) The oversight must have been due to some lingering delirium. ;)

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