Queen for a day :)

So, today was my birthday – and it was actually a LOVELY experience - except for that whole getting older thing. But then, I guess the only alternative to that is to croak, so I’ll take the getting older in stride. However, I am completely serious when I say that starting next year I will be turning 29 again, and that will continue until I turn 35 - on my 42nd birthday! No, I am not kidding – lying about one’s age is a time honored tradition amongst the women of my mother’s side of the family – a tradition I never understood, but am now starting to appreciate, LOL ;)

But today was fabulous! I had the whole day off! I slept into the afternoon, waking to find that my dad had done the dirty dinner dishes from the night before, taken the trash out, and baked me a cake (which my mom helped to decorate) - though I wasn’t allowed to see it until after dinner. He also wrote a very sweet post on his blog :)

Then, with a brief tutorial in how to cut up a chicken – he made a delicious dinner!

I spent the day goofing off online, reading, and watching tv – it was heaven :)

I am not a big fan of cake in general (and I hate almost all frosting). But I do loves me the spice cake with cream cheese frosting, so that's always what I have on my birthday.

Here is my beautiful (and yummy) birthday cake - the writing (in green; one of my fav. colors) was done by my mom - and is a major achievement when you consider she had to write without a decorating tip of any kind):

Here is proof that I'm old enough to burn the house down with my candles ;)
Stop laughing!:


b. said...

Awwwww..........Happy Birthday Queen Lu!

.....and Merry Christmas!

Joseph Ludi said...

Hey, if you're gonna turn 29 next year, doesn't that make you 28 this year? I guess there were too many candles on that cake, huh?

Pacian said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappy birthday!!!

Consider this post your joint birthday/Christmas present. I bet no-one has ever done that to you before!

PS. Your name is spelled wrong.

LuluBunny said...

b. - THANK YOU :):):):) And a very Merry Christmas to you! (I promise to visit your blog soon - I am such a slacker these days!)

TOM - yeah, guess I need a new cake with the appropriate number of candles on it, right? LOL ;)

Pacian - Thank you very kindly for the birthday wishes. No one (who values their life) has done the joint gift thing since I learned how to shoot the dagger-eyed look that in my family is called: The Bosworth Stare, LOL ;)
ps - do not mess with the spelling of my name (Bosworth Stare is now being focused on the whole of the UK) ;P

Joseph Ludi said...

OH NO!! Someone did the joint Bday/Xmas thing, OMG NOT the Bosworth stare, anything but that, lol.

Speaking of spelling I ran across this in one of the genealogy groups;

"That's quite silly! All right thinking people know that the introduction of Catherine with a "C" started exactly in 1456 when Fludorius the Monk published his massive tome "Baby names of the rich and powerful".

Edmund Tudor was so incensed at the presumption that he had an
apoplectic fit and died, his last words were "its Katherine with a K
not Catherine with a C!"

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