Never ask "What else can go wrong?"

So, after a sort of a bad week – my new bank (I mentioned before that my bank got bought out by another) which had previously led me to believe that my old account would remain open and linked to my new one – unexpectedly (which is to say without any notice whatsoever) closed my old account. Hearing that your balance is 0 (totally out of the blue) without any idea where your money has gone is enough to make a person’s heart stop (spending hours on hold trying to get a hold of a human being so you can find out where your money went is enough to make your heart start up again, and then massively seize from the boiling blood running through it – but I digress). On top of that, my mother freaked me out about a strange new lump on her neck (she goes to the doctor Wednesday morning, so hopefully he’ll have something less than troubling to say about it). But it’s almost like clockwork – just as you settle into the comfort of the status quo, something always has to rock your boat.

I hate worrying – I need a new hobby ;)

Saturday was a relatively good day spent successfully working with my dad to prepare the cars for sale.

Sunday, more of the same as Saturday, and then .. I developed a UTI and spent the rest of Sunday and pretty much all of Monday feeling just awful. But … some antibiotics, some AZO, and a ton of cranberry juice later I’m feeling pretty much back to normal now.

But then today (here we go with the boat rocking again!) we got a Christmas card from one of our next door neighbors in WV, and in the card was a note asking whether we’d heard about the death of our neighbor from across the street. It was totally shocking! He apparently died at the end of August (we don’t know how or why), but he was a tremendously nice man (the kind who looked after his elderly widowed next door neighbor), everybody’s go-to guy in the neighborhood, and only 49 years old! It’s so strange to think he won’t be there when we get back.

For once I’m glad that we’re so far behind in sending out our X-mas cards this year (if we were on time, we’d already have sent one to his wife with his name all over it (and no acknowledgment of the fact that he’s gone) – not a very Merry Christmas!


Pacian said...

Tis the season for countless stresses.

LuluBunny said...

'Tis true .. 'tis TOO true if you ask me ;)

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