Deck the Halls 2007

We're not doing a whole lot for Christmas this year - our key word this year is minimal (it's hard to get into decorating when you're moving in a month - it just seems counter productive to pull things out of boxes when you're meant to be putting things in them). But we did decorate more this year than my dad and I did last year (when my mom was in the hospital). We've pulled out our tiny 3ft. tall table top pre-lit tree (it's lovely, you just pull it from the box, fluff the branches and plug it in). And managed to decorate it today:

(the star on top will light up once we go to the store to get an extension cord for it - can never find one when you need them!)

This is a close-up of one of the ornaments (my faves!!), some are frosted white, some are clear, all with snowflakes :)

And here is the newest addition to our family. I know it's slightly garish, completely useless, and worst of all (gulp) from Mal-Wort, but I fell in love so she had to come home with me (I call her Merry Mouse). In the background you will hear a dog whining - that is Scooter, he's also in love with her. He claims she's his girlfriend (named Honey), a sassy little showgirl who taunts him mercilessly and then hides in her dressing room (the cupboard above the pantry) until her next gig. Scooter refused to appear on camera (he's shy) but insisted on sitting behind me and "singing along".


Joseph Ludi said...

Even when the video of Merry ouse plays Scooter has to come over and sing along. Ain't he cute? I posd my video on here,

Pacian said...

I wonder about the person who was presumably paid to sing in that voice.

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