So, I blogged before, briefly about the mess that has ensued from the changing of the guard at my bank. But it has now gone from bad to worse.

For reasons unknown, despite all assurances to the contrary, they closed my old account on Nov. 30th, without any warning whatsoever. I only found out when I was checking my bank balance a couple days later (the account was suddenly at 0!) Initially, I panicked, then I decided, it must have been automatically transferred to my new account. I gave it a couple days to clear and appear in the new account, and when it didn't ... I went back to panicking (and phoning the bank!).

I finally got through to a person on the 6th, and was informed that my account (along with many, many, MANY other accounts) had been closed (with profuse apologies for the unexpected closing, and the lack of notification), and that a check had been cut and was winging it's way to via the fine folks at the USPS. I was told, on the 6th, that it should "be there by early next week at the latest", which should have been before/around the 12th. Today is the 18th - still no check, so .. patient as I try to be .. I called the bank again. The old number has already been disconnected (always a bad sign) and I was instructed, via a recording, to dial a new number for some (secret) section of the new bank that would know about the situation. That is the one good part of the whole changeover - when I called on the 6th it took me 45 mins. on hold just to reach a person (and that was after a couple days of giving up before I ever got to a human being). With the new bank - someone answered after one ring! I was put on hold later in the conversation - but hey, nobody's perfect.

So now, I'm told that they are putting a "notation" on my account to do "research" and possibly "run a trace" to see where my $530.81 has gone. I am to call back in 24-48 hrs. (they need the time because of the HIGH VOLUME of other people going through EXACTLY the same nonsense as I am). Supposedly, they will have some answers by then. I felt like telling the guy that answers are only important in lieu of money, and that if they just find my $500 they can keep their stupid answers - but I didn't. He was incredibly nice (a product of INTENSIVE training, I'm sure) and seemed genuinely grateful to be speaking with someone who wasn't swearing at him.

So, I am not happy.


Pacian said...

Nice of them to send you your money in the Christmas post. What did they expect?

LuluBunny said...

Well, apparently, they didn't actually send it when the old bank said they did. But they have, supposedly, sent it now.

For the record, I'm GLAD my old bank is now out of business (this whole thing is their fault! And this isn't the very first time they've made interesting mistakes), and I really like my new bank (so far, lol).

You call the new people and they answer immediately, and they get you answers when they say they will (that's the most important part!). I strongly recommend ING to anyone looking for a new bank!!

Supposedly my check got mailed sometime between the the 15th and 17th and should REALLY, actually, and truly, be here soon.

BTW, I'm doing a slightly reserved happy dance (it will become a full fledged boogey when I actually have the check in hand).

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