sanitized for your convenience

My father has joined the blogosphere HERE - and after thinking about it, I decided to let the parental units in on this blog (after a serious bit of editing). I think I have successfully censored my blog (I'm practicing for when the Chinese achieve world domination, sometime next week), but if the old folks are smart they won't go pokin' around too hard, LOL ;)

Anyway, I now tag my dad to do the 7 Sevens meme, because that's my favorite :)


Joseph Ludi said...

Hey, this is your Father, otherwise known as T.O.M. I appreciate you going to all the trouble of cleaning up your blog but remember you don't have to sanitize your posts for me.......I'm 85% gross, lol. But seriously, your Blog is beautiful. Where did you get all the widgits? I want some too!
See ya later,

LuluBunny said...

Thanks for the compliment about the blog - and for the vote against censorship - 85% gross indeed, lol :)

The sidebar is always a work in progress. Many of the things in it are just filched off other people's blogs .. I saw them, I liked them, I found the source and got my own, LOL ;) Most of the time, if you click on them, they will take you to the place you can get them.

All the little box thingies that expand and contract, I made using "expandable content script", found HERE.

I got this blog before blogger went to beta, so I had what they call a classic template. Alternative templates for "classic" blogger were easy to find (got mine HERE) and easy to alter - which I did :) I started this blog not knowing a speck of hmtl/css/etc., but through fidling with the template I can now remember how to make links in a comment, yippee! ROTFL :)

I kept my classic template when blogger got all new fangled (there's actually a link somewhere in the 'fine print' on the template/layout page in blogger beta that lets you switch to classic). And in my opinion the only bad thing about classic is that I have to update the sidebar 'widget' for my labels myself (in blogger beta it does that for you automatically).

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