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For reasons I don't fully understand yet - I can't seem to directly post pics I take on my camera phone to this blog. I tried several times this afternoon to post a pic I took this morning, and the message would appear sans photo. Finally, I just gave up, e-mailed it to myself, and posted it through blogger the long way ... hmmm.

Going to have to figure something out here.


Jenny said...

I'm sorry. Maybe you need to use something like photo bucket or some weird thinger like that.

Pacian said...

You may also need to upload them to blogger, as I don't think we can see images stored on your googlemail account.

LuluBunny said...

Pacian - I'm so glad you posted this comment - though that wasn't what I was complaining about since I had no idea the images in the last 2 posts were not showing up.

The pics were showing up just fine (for me anyway) in both IE and Firefox, it wasn't until after I read your comment and checked it in Safari that I realized the pics weren't showing up at all times and in all places. And for all I know they were only ever showing up in IE and Firefox for me (perhaps because I was logged into my gmail/blogger account at the time?).

I was posting them like that from the URL at gmail because I wasn't on my own computer at the time, and didn't want to bother with the whole download, upload, delete thing, and when they showed up fine in the blog I was looking at in IE I figured it worked just fine - who knew?

Anyway, that little crisis should be a thing of the past now (I went through the obnoxiousness of downloading and uploading them properly through blogger). However, I am still left with the original problem I actually meant to be complaining about in this post ... for some unknown reason I cannot post pics directly from my phone to the blog.

Mobile blogger says it doesn't support my carrier - fine, annoying but fine - but still, I *should* be able to send the pic to the 'post via e-mail' address of the blog and it should post it that way. So far, it only posts the text and never the pic. I am highly disappointed - what's the fun of having a camera phone if you can't just hit a button and send the pic to your blog?

UGH!! :P

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