I'm in Love ...

with my new cellphone ;)





With my new phone, I took the following sepia pics of myself (note the new glasses, and the fact they look just like the old ones, LOL):

at my desk

i know this one's out of focus, but i think that makes it look 'artistic' ;)

laughing at my uncontrollable hair?

my 'ugly betty' close-up ;P

So, in the future you can expect blogging with/without pics *LIVE* from my phone (sorry, always wanted to be able to use the word LIVE in connection with something I was doing - don't know why, LOL). This will come in very handy during the move :) You can expect an e-mail with my new number soon (I hooked it up with a WV # - and believe me it's no small feat to find a phone that will do the interweb, e-mail, pics, etc., and will work in WV), but I'm not in a rush to start using it since my old phone still has a bunch of time on it that I need to use up before mid-December (use it, or lose it).

BTW, I will put these pics in the sidebar area of pics of myself - but not tonight since I'm now dead tired.

I promise to get around to everyone's blogs this weekend!


b. said...

I'm in LOVE with your new phone too!!
I've seen your pics before....but let me just reiterate....YOU are BEAUTIFUL!! In every way!

Pacian said...

My phone could beat your phone up.

LuluBunny said...

b. - that is SOOOOO sweet I think I'm gonna cry ;) - THANK YOU, and ditto!

Pacian - I'm sure your phone could easily give my phone a serious beat-down in certain places (I could have gotten one for here in CA that makes this one laughable), but functionality in the underserved hilly netherlands of WV is another story altogether. And while mine will *supposedly* do everything there that it does here - yours would sit impotently mute except for a plaintive wail for it's mama. So, you see, it's all relative, LOL ;)

MountainLaurel said...

Just curious, what provider did you go with? I had to go with Sprint to make sure that it would work with no roaming at my parents' house, my honey's house, my house, and the football stadium! of course that means no iPhone for me... *sob*. :-)

LuluBunny said...

MtnLaurel - I went with Virgin Mobile (this is the phone I bought), which (according to the microscopic print) piggybacks on the Sprint Network.

As far as I could tell through online sleuthing - Sprint is really the only network in WV with halfway decent coverage - but I'm addicted to using a prepaid phone now.

I hardly use my phone, so monthly blocks of minutes are just a waste of money for me - even when they do rollover they're still just sitting there (evidence of my lack of phone use is the fact that in the year we've been here in CA I've somehow managed to bank about 400 minutes on my current AT&T/Cingular phone. I don't know how I'm gonna burn through all of them before I let the phone expire next month). I guess I'm gonna have to start texting like a mad woman or something.

So my make/break list consisted of: working in as many places as possible - obviously including WV, being pre-paid, and having a camera (which my other phone didn't).

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