the 8 things meme

I got tagged by MountainLaurel on Thanksgiving to do the 8 Things meme, but all my brain cells were taken up that day with calculating how many hours the turkey would take. So, better late than never - or so they say - here it is ;)

1) I have always considered my lucky number to be 21 - yet nothing spectacular has ever occurred in connection with that number. Hmmm.

2) I prefer to dip my french fries in bleu cheese dressing. I always thought this was a quirk exclusive to my dad's side of the family (perhaps picked up from eating at Bob's Big Boy restaurants? - mmmm (drooling in Homer Simpson fashion) .... fries, bleu cheese dressing, and a real Cherry Coke (not that canned crap they call cherry). But in WV there's a place called T&L Hot Dogs that serves a to die for kielbasa (with or w/o mustard and sauerkraut) and fresh cut fries with bleu cheese dressing are on the menu! I have found my people, LOL :)

3) I cannot tell a joke - I usually start laughing in the middle (which always ruins it) because I know what's coming.

4) I never initially read directions - I believe that if I can't figure it out from the picture I don't need to know it. However, I usually end up reading the stupid directions (only to find that the picture made more sense).

5) I actually like Brussels sprouts, and broccoli, and all that other awful green stuff.

6) I have not yet given up my dream of one day keeping chickens (don't ask me why, lol).

7) I'm running out of things to say ... lol ... um .. I think it'd be neat to live in Nova Scotia - I'm sure I never will, but I do think it would be neat :)

8) In another life I would have loved to have gone to school to be a marine biologist and worked with sharks, despite the fact that a) I cannot swim and therefore hate to be on/in the water, and b) if reincarnation is possible then I know I got eaten by a shark in a past life ;)

I now tag anyone who wants to play along :)


Pacian said...

"1) I have always considered my lucky number to be 21 - yet nothing spectacular has ever occurred in connection with that number. Hmmm."

Au contraire. I was born on the 21st of November

LuluBunny said...

LOL ;)

Well, obviously that (and my own 21st of December birthday) are exceptions to this statement :D

But I meant more along the lines of ..

my 21st birthday was only so-so,

I've never won a bundle playing Blackjack (probably because I've never played Blackjack for money - but that's muddying the waters with details LOL),

I have yet to be gifted with $21Million (or even $2.1M for that matter) by some kind stranger or distant relation,

I do not speak 21 languages,

I have not yet been to 21 countries,

And I cannot find the time to sleep for 21 hours straight :(

MountainLaurel said...

If you are ever in Morgantown or Fairmont, WV, go to Wings Ole and get their fries and bleu. It's absolutely the best! I also dip my fries in bleu as I hate ketchup.

Now I'm seriously jonesing for a Wings burrito, fries and bleu...

LuluBunny said...

When in WV I'm always near Fairmont and Morgantown (that's our neck of the woods), but I never made it into the Wings Ole I saw dotted around (I'm scared of spicy wings so I never bothered checking it out). Now I will have to go in when we get back :)

MountainLaurel said...

you can get mild, medium, or hot wings or burritos. And the mild really are mild, but with a good flavor. I highly recommend it.

LuluBunny said...

MountainLaurel - I will have to give 'em a try:)

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