Yin and Yang

So, today was shaping up to be a bad day. Among the mess was an e-mail I got this morning notifying me (FOR THE FIRST TIME) that my bank has been bought out by another. In the e-mail I was, shall we say invited(?) to apply for an account at the entity that now owns my account, with the lovely little addendum that I can link my old account to the new one, and that my current ATM/Debit card will cease being useful near the end of next month. So, in my book that's less of an invitation and more of an offer one cannot refuse.

After running a couple errands I spent the remainder of the afternoon fiddling with opening my new account and linking it to my old one, and jumping through every security hoop they can think to throw my way - for my protection, of course. BTW, I think the bank now knows more about my genealogy than I do! And on the whole, the process was both harder than it should have been, and easier than it could have been.

But it's all straightened out now - and while I was online getting livid with nebulous financial institutions I got an IM from mi amiga Yen letting me know she's in the OC at the moment, and asking if I wanted to do something fun today or tomorrow. That is a WAY BETTER message to get than "We're going out of business and we're planning on taking your money with us unless you can stand on your head until your ears turn red.". Ok, so maybe that wasn't really what the e-mail said, but you get my point.

Anyway, I'm all perky again now :)

Banks now tremble with fear when they see me coming, and I'm going out to lunch tomorrow with my longest running friend (we've known each other longer than we've known how to read) whom I have not seen in way too long.

How could anyone have a Happier Halloween? I know, I know - you could always add chocolate - don't worry, I intend to :)

While I wrote this, I was listening to:
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Pacian said...

Given how often the mail goes astray around here, often taking my bank details with it, I'm afraid I believe the more identity hoops they make you jump through, the better.

LuluBunny said...

yeah, it wasn't really too bad - just a bit tedious :)

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