where there's smoke ..

While we ourselves are not anywhere particularly near all the fires going on at the moment, we can smell it strongly outside. And this afternoon when letting the dogs out, I was surprised to see large churning dusty clouds of smoke being wound around and left in the wake of every car that passed. Arsonists and Santa Ana winds (one of my favorite things about So Cal) are never a good combination :(

My only other bit of news this afternoon is that we finally had a letter from my grandmother up North. It's been 5 months since my grandfather died, and she has not responded to any of my mother's letters in that time. The letter my mom got today was shockingly kind-hearted and sweet (considering the source), and of course, it made my mother cry a lot. My poor grandmother is definitely not herself these days, and not just because she wrote a sweet letter. Even her writing has changed (much smaller and more circumspect - it really didn't even look like her's). She even refers to my grandfather in the present tense several times in the letter!

She's always been such a difficult person that it's really hard to have sympathy for her, for any reason really, but I can't help it in this case. I know she was horrible to him most of the time, but I'm sure she loved my grandfather, in her way. And they were married for 55 years! She must miss him terribly, and I don't think she's really handling it very well (despite some of her assertions in the letter).

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