We're Surrounded

Fire to the north of me, fire to the south of me, but thankfully, no fire near me - just LOTS of smoke.

Last night the smoke was so thick that I had to use my rescue inhaler for the first time since we've been here - just because the front door was opened to allow the dogs out! Today, the sky is pure white (the smoke is too thick to see any blue at all), it's hot (94 here at the moment), dry, and windy (not good for putting the fires out), and according to my dad (since I'm not setting foot outside today!) little bits of ash are falling periodically.

WV is looking better all the time, LOL :)


Pacian said...

Yikes! o_O

LuluBunny said...

Yeah, it's been slightly scary, but none of the fires have been close to us - thankfully!

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