square one?

So my mother is back in the hospital today :(

Not sure exactly what's the matter - my dad had some sort of bug (nausea, fever, chills) and it seems now that my mom may have caught it (despite all our best efforts). All I know is that she was feeling feverish and nauseated the last couple days. So she was taken over to the ER early this morning and according to her she should be home tomorrow - they just want to keep her overnight to pump her full of IV fluids. I expect that will be the case - but you can never really tell.

There was one nice thing that happened today. Last week we got this brochure in the mail for something called Organic Express. They deliver a huge box of all kinds of organic produce to your doorstep. We signed up online, and today was our first delivery. The stuff is gorgeous - never seen such happy looking broccoli before, lol:) We signed up for the smaller box to be delivered every other week, but I'm going to up it to every week - it's fabulous.

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