Boring, boring, blahdy-blah-blah

Today consisted, in part anyway, of balancing the checkbook, paying the bills, sending off to the State of California for copies of death certificates for my maternal grandfather (my mother has been asking me to do this for a couple months now) and my paternal grandparents (I’ve been meaning to do that since they died in 1998 and 2003), and going to the doctor.

I also made dinner for the first time in days – I’ve been on strike because of the heat, not that anyone complained about me choosing not to either heat the house further by using the oven, or make something dubious in the crockpot. Now that it's cooler, I re-christened the oven this evening by making pork chops, herb and butter rice, and cauliflower with melted cheese on it (my mom wanted pork chops, my dad loves his cauliflower with cheese, and the rice … well, it was easy). See – it’s not always Hamburger Helper around here, LOL :) But alas, it will be back to boring old chicken tomorrow night.

The 'highlight' of today, actually, ended up being the thing I was least looking forward to – going to the doctor. It was nice to see them all again, and it was quick and easy – with no real lectures. My blood pressure was a bit high though – but not horrible. But he did ask me to check it at home (using my mom’s machine), and keep a record over the next 6 months on this little card he gave me. If my numbers stay borderline, or get worse, he said I’d have to consider going on something for it – UGH! But overall, it was a fine visit.

But I do need to find some serious stress management techniques. I bought this book a couple months ago called Instant Calm, but the only suggestion I liked in it was to take a hot lavender scented bath for 20 mins before bed – and that won’t help much with the shallow bathtub we have here (though it will be lovely in WV). I think maybe what I need is to get a punching bag to work out my frustrations – I think most of my stress is frustration based (feeling angry, overworked, under appreciated, ignored, taken for granted, etc., etc., and being totally quiet about it in my daily life). I think I should start hitting something – I bet my blood pressure would drop instantly if I had something inanimate to whack the hell out of, LOL ;)

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thefinitemonkey said...

I don't know about hitting stuff. It can be pretty cathartic I suppose, but maybe you can push back on the things causing you the stress instead?

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